Diversity For Success Seminar & Expo – June 2019

The 2019 DRI Diversity for Success Seminar and Corporate Expo will be June 19-21 in New Orleans, LA.

Mickes O’Toole senior associate, Geri Lynn Arrindell will be the Expo Chair and moderating a panel at the event.

Panel Discussion: Taking a Knee: A Fireside Chat | Whether marching on or kneeling down, inspiration for underrepresented attorneys can be found in a myriad of places. This session will focus on what inspires those who take a stand in the face of opposition and how we as diverse attorneys can do the same.

This seminar will include an honest and frank conversation about the ongoing struggle for diversity and inclusion in the legal profession. The program will discuss strategies for overcoming the roadblocks faced by diverse law firm attorneys and for utilizing support from our corporate friends in implementing those strategies. You will learn what corporate clients are looking for when you make a pitch for business.

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